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About Me

I started Newtech in 2007, with the aim to eventually offer a one stop solution to all the needs and requirements of the modern guitarist, from the bedroom player to a gigging musician.  This ranges from guitar set-up and maintenance, all types of fret work including string tensioned re-frets and levelling work, to electronics and cabinetry.

Early on I decided to adopt more modern tools and techniques, to allow me to do the work at a higher level of accuracy and quality than many others offer. My hand tools for fret work and set-up are the finest available, with precision ground leveling beams, diamond grit crowning files, dial gauges for relief and nut height, round bottomed and size gauged nut files; all to give the finest results.

Since day one I have used a custom Dan Erlewine neck jig for all my fret level and refret jobs. This is a large beam jig which recreates the tension and stresses of a tuned to pitch guitar with the strings removed. This allows for the leveling work to be done with the truss rod adjusted correctly and gives a far superior degree of accuracy to the work than the traditional method of using the truss rod to ‘bend’ the neck flat before leveling.

This old fashioned method simply cannot take into account the non-uniform bow and tension that the neck and fretboard are under when strung to pitch, which more often than not results in far more fret material being removed than necessary.

I can also build custom amplifier/speaker cabinets with tolex finishing options not available in ‘off the shelf’ equipment.

Custom cables, patch boxes, footswitches, and various types of handbuilt pedal effects units are also something I offer and enjoy making. This is an ever-developing range.

I can build guitars from specialist licensed parts and hardware if you are looking for a spec of Stratocaster or Telecaster that’s not  available.  Birdseye and flamed maple necks and custom hardware and wiring are popular options.

Newton CustomFull builds from raw materials: I shall be building my own small range of custom guitars for sale starting mid 2013 under my ‘Newton Custom’ brand.  I will also eventually be taking on custom individual design commissions to your specs. These are all currently still in development and will be the realizing of a long term dream of mine to build high quality but affordable custom guitars.

My background is originally a mixture of hobby woodwork, professional panel wiring and electronics. I have been involved with Guitars since a young age, and my passion for them led me to the business I now run. I am completely self taught on all aspects of the repair, build, and set-up work, which I have evolved over the years to reach a level of accuracy and quality that brings me 90% of my customers by recommendation or word of mouth.

As an extremely fussy person myself, I simply put my own requisite for quality into the work that I offer.

Having repaired and put right many Guitars over the last few years, especially ones that have come to me after being worked on elsewhere, I am confident that my techniques are equal if not superior than those you will find being used by many formally trained ‘luthiers’.

The modern equipment I use requires a more adaptable approach, as better tools are constantly being developed for those such as myself , that prefer to move with innovation over the more antiquated methods.

I hope you enjoy the site, and look forward to hearing from you in the future.