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Guitar Set-Up

A choice of basic or full set-up services for all guitars

Fret Work

From a loose fret, sharp ends, to level and re-crown dressing work and full re-frets using the finest tools and methods

Structural Work

Headstock breaks, Acoustic braces, loose bridges,  damage repairs, finish repairs. From a crack or chip to serious damage, most things can be put right.


Spares, repairs and upgrades supplied and fitted. From a solitary lost grub screw to a new Tremolo bridge or locking Machineheads, i can source parts for virtually all instruments. New necks in flame or birdseye maple, Control Knobs, replacement bodies etc,


From a new volume pot to a full vintage cloth re-wire, switched pots and toggles for coil taps, pickup replacements, jack sockets, active systems, piezo systems

I also offer many services not listed such as custom cables, switchboxes, handmade FX pedals (coming 2013) and various other things like finish repairs, custom tolex and speaker/amp cabinetry. All are on a per job basis so price is dependent on your requirements. Please contact me to discuss what you need.

Spares and Parts Builds

I can build the Strat or Tele you always wanted!