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Newton Custom

(Coming Late 2013)

I shall be offering hand built guitars made from choices of tonewoods with figured tops available and custom finishing choices. They will be available in various specs to be confirmed

Prices will start from approximately – £1200



( Currently in the testing Stage – Available Mid 2013 )

I currently have a range of Effects pedals and Switching units in development and these will be available in two forms, the cheaper Electro Harmonix style with aluminium box and labeled top, or with a more expensive and unique hand sprayed box with transfer graphics. Some of the upcoming units are :


This is a unique and versatile unit for controlling and mixing effects chains/loops.

It is designed to be first in your signal chain. It features 2 effects loops, both footswitchable, and a clean signal opamp buffer with adjustable level/gain. The buffer can be left on all the time or is true bypass, and works regardless of the loops being on or off.  The ‘Dry’ loop is in Series with the input/clean signal. The ‘Wet’ loop is in Parallel and is layered onto the input/clean signal via a level/mix control knob. The ‘Wet’ loop also has an independent footswitch that gives 100% Wet (full effect), overriding the mix knob setting.

The on/off Footswitch for the ‘Wet’loop is wired to the signal send path, which allows for interesting effects. E.g. A delay in the Wet loop can be killed but its repeats will still reach the output

There is also a phase reversal switch which will flip the Wet loops output phasing incase of signals from both loops interfering with each other.

Der Zen and Zenith Drive

I currently have two circuits im testing against each other to see which is my preferred  choice. Both are closely based on the famous Hermida Zendrive unit, or ‘Dumble in a box’ as its commonly known. This is a mild boost/overdrive which will add depth and shimmer to your signal. Controls for Volume, Tone, Gain and Voice. True Bypass. 9v Battery or DC supply

Fuzz Pedals

I have at least 5 different Fuzz circuits that will be available, some based on the classic ‘Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face’ circuit, some with more dialed in sounds such as the  DSOTM ( Dark side of the moon ) unit based on early Gilmour tones, or the Hot Chilicon, which is a ‘do it all’ and will go from mild fuzz to Hendrix. Some are Silicon transistor based and some are vintage Germanium based.


Chunk Chunk – A powerful overdrive circuit with full preamp control. Also known as the ‘Dr Boogie’, this is a transistor conversion of the main preamp from the Mesa Dual Rectifier Amp. I have several versions of this pedal, from a simple on/off stompbox to a monster 8 knob, 3 footswitch unit with foot selectable gain and volume channels. With full eq of Bass,Mid,Treble,Gain,Volume and Presence, this can be run into the amps front, or used into the ‘Power amp in’ on an amp to replace the amps own preamp circuit

Slow Century

Based on the preamp circuit of the mighty Soldano SLO100 amp, this is a high gain overdrive pedal.


Overdrive pedal based on the preamp circuit of the classic Marshall 100w Superlead amp.


A clone of the much sought after and hugely expensive Pete Cornish G2

Klon Centaur

The Kingslayer/ The Chimeara/ The MkC1

3 clones of this sought after overdrive are available, depending on if you require the original buffered type or the modern true bypass version. The Chimeara is the most ‘accurate’ to the original. The Kingslayer and MkC1 are moddable for extra features such as switchable diode clipping and fat boost.

Boost/Buffer Pedals

Several Signal Boosts and Buffers will be available, from the opamp based ‘Bacon Bits’ clean boost which loves valve amps,  or ‘Stage 3 V4’ transistor boost which gives a lovely top end to your signal going into other pedals. Booth give your signal a clean kick while adding sparkle to overdrives and distortion, they just do it in a different way with the choice being down to personal taste.

Opamp and transistor based signal buffers for counteracting signal loss before or after large pedalboards or long cable runs. The use of true bypass pedals can heavily load your signal, causing loss of treble and tone. These are not effects, they are used to stop the degradation of your guitar tone as it goes through multiple effects and lengths of cable. Also available with muted output for Tuner pedal connection. Get your tuner out of your signal chain !


The Cupcake – Based on the classic ‘Orange Squeezer’ by Dan Armstrong. A simple but effective way of enhancing sustain

The MoRC – A modified circuit based on the classic vintage Ross Compressor, an extremely transparent circuit that will not interfere with tone. Will give Gilmour type long sustain and attack for solos. Switchable signal release toggle for varying sustain recovery